Welcome to Injective’s July monthly update!

The momentum of the past few weeks continued to help create another record-breaking month.

Starting with our Canary Chain phase two launch, governance proposal procedure release, and finally the initial spot markets unveiling, this month has proven that no goal is too high to achieve. The Injective community has been on a roll this summer, so get ready for quite the highlight reel!

July Highlights

Dear Injective community,

We wanted to provide everyone with some insights on INJ staking and which validators you can delegate to going forward.

Injective is secured by a group of top-tier validators which have all helped to secure billions of dollars in aggregate assets for some leading cryptoassets today. We will quickly describe each validator so that you can be better prepared when attempting to stake your INJ holdings.

Stake INJ here: Link

Staking Walkthrough: Link

Note: The validators listed here are in alphabetical order and do not present any preferential treatment from the Injective Labs team. …

Injective is listing on Indodax, which currently stands as the largest and most reputable exchange in Indonesia. Indodax plans to officially list INJ on July 28 at 2 PM (UTC +7). This helps open up an outstanding avenue for traders in Indonesia to access INJ. Listing on Indodax also enables users to trade INJ with the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

Founded in 2014, Indodax is one of the first exchanges to get a foothold in Indonesia. The company has since experienced rapid growth and counts nearly 4 million total users.

Indodax supports fiat transactions in the Indonesian Rupiah for trading not…

Informal Systems has audited the Injective code base and the Injective chain.

TLDR: Informal Systems is a leading auditor specializing in Cosmos-SDK based projects. The Informal team is composed of world-class researchers, engineers and operators, led by CEO Ethan Buchman, who co-founded Cosmos and Tendermint.

Injective has performed rigorous internal testing to ensure the security and robustness of the exchange protocol. Informal has overall found the Injective code to be of high quality. The focus of this audit was to review the codebase for both spot and derivative markets. The spot markets milestone focused mainly on the audit of the…

We are proud to announce the initial spot markets available on the Canary Chain.

The initial markets will include the following: Injective, Sushi, Graph, Polygon, Aave, USDC, Ethereum, USDT, Uniswap, and Chainlink. All markets were proposed and voted on by a decentralized community using the Injective governance module.

If your favorite project was not listed in this initial batch, then don’t worry! You can continue to propose and vote on new assets to be added.

Our goal at Injective is to enable trading for every single available market globally, which includes digital assets, synthetics, perpetuals, futures, and much more. …

The UpOnly exchange is now live!

UpOnly exchange is one of the first Injective relayers to go public. UpOnly exchange is powered by Genesis Block Ventures (GBV), a prominent investment firm.

Injective was created with the intention of far surpassing the capabilities of every single DEX in the market today. The ability to deploy new frontend relayers enables unique possibilities while helping to showcase the customizability and decentralized nature of the protocol as a whole.

⬆️ UpOnly Exchange: Link

DISCLAIMER: The name UpOnly wasn’t chosen by us and it is not hosted by us at Injective. …

We are thrilled to announce that SCB 10X, the digital technology investment arm of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB​), is joining Injective as our latest validator. SCB is one of the largest commercial banks in Southeast Asia and will be an invaluable addition to our leading cohort of validators that have joined our mainnet with a track record of securing Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

SCB is Thailand’s largest and oldest commercial bank. SCB 10X, a holding company under SCB, was established with a primary mission to support innovative technologies with lucrative long-term value. The company oversees investments in disruptive technology startups globally, and…

We’re extremely excited to see that the community voted to launch spot trading on the Injective Mainnet Canary Chain! This release will enable individuals to have the first look at the Injective exchange as well as various exchange frontend relayers.

Start Trading: Link

UpOnly Exchange: Link

Injective Relayer: Link


Spot trading was enabled via a decentralized governance process with the community voting to release spot trading accompanied by 17 initial spot markets. From day one, the Injective protocol has been built to be fully decentralized. …

Injective news and updates can now be accessed by millions of users on Crypto.com. This was achieved through our RSS feed integration with Crypto.com.

This announcement follows the listing of INJ on Crypto.com. As a major player in the cryptocurrency industry, Crypto.com’s listing makes it easy for users to trade INJ tokens at true cost with USD, EUR, GBP and over 20+ fiat currencies.

In addition to INJ, there are currently over 100 crypto assets that are listed on Crypto.com App and available for trading. To facilitate cryptocurrency transactions, Crypto.com …

Welcome to Injective’s June update!

June was a groundbreaking month for us. We’re proud to share some of our biggest milestones.

We launched the first two phases of the Injective mainnet, revamped our Equinox exchange, locked in key collaborations with major projects, and much more.

Read below for a full breakdown of our most recent achievements.

June Highlights

Injective Labs

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