The Injective Public API has now been released!

With the new Injective API, institutions, professional liquidity providers, algorithmic traders, and individuals alike can permissionlessly run all components of the backend infrastructure. In turn, this enables anyone to obtain market data and place trades on the entirely decentralized Injective orderbook.

The API was created after a great deal of discussion with industry leading market makers and institutions to ensure that their every need was met when they wanted to integrate with the Injective Chain. …

Over the past few months, the Injective community has worked non-stop to carry out a number of important upgrades and product releases.

This article will detail what has been accomplished on the Canary Chain thus far and shed light on the upcoming Mainnet Canonical Chain release.

What is the Canonical Chain?

The Canonical Chain represents the full fledged version of the Injective Chain mainnet without any form of deposit or trading limitations. In addition, it marks the canonical manifestation of the Injective Protocol — the first fully decentralized cross-chain spot and derivatives exchange protocol.

Canonical Chain Release Progress

The section here will outline the distinct work streams that are…

You can now start earning rewards for trading on Injective!

This week, the Injective community voted to pass proposal #58 which introduced a maker fee rebates for the Axie Infinity spot market. Now, anyone who helps provide order liquidity for AXS on Injective will earn the highest maker fee rebates in the entire crypto industry. Overall, this will help to heavily promote liquidity on Injective while also incentivizing market making, arbitrage and development activity on Injective.

The maker reward that is available is comparable to those found in AMM DEXs. A market maker can distribute their orders in an AMM…

The Injective Bridge is now live on the Injective Hub! You can now bridge any ERC20 token to the Injective Chain using the secure cross-chain Injective Bridge.

The Injective Bridge enables lightning fast transfers and is one of the cheapest solutions on the market today (average transaction cost of ~$0.02 when transacting on the Injective Chain). All transactions are confirmed instantly due to the Tendermint-based Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus utilized by the Injective network.

As an added benefit, the Injective Bridge allows for the fastest withdrawals compared to any other Ethereum scaling solution. Popular solutions in the market today typically take…

Ready to stake your INJ? Interested in voting for new Injective governance proposals?

The Injective Hub Guide will walk you through all the major details you need to get started!

Accessing the Hub

Connect to on your browser. You will land on the Dashboard section and will be presented with an overview of the Hub.

Perpetuals are now live on the Injective Canary Chain! Users can begin trading decentralized perpetuals with zero gas fees, lightning fast transaction times, and instant finality.

The trading infrastructure of Injective is supported entirely by a decentralized limit order book that integrates the user-friendly interface and speed of centralized exchanges with the transparency of decentralized exchanges. As an added benefit, Injective is compatible with Ethereum native tooling so wallets such as MetaMask can be seamlessly used with the Injective Chain. …

Welcome to the Injective August update!

This past month was abuzz with many exciting community initiatives. Check them out below.

August Highlights

  1. This month, Injective contributors carried out a protocol rebrand, marking an evolution in mission, product, and brand.
  2. Mainnet: The Injective Equinox Epic Task was made live after an upgrade. The proposal to launch the first derivatives on the Canary Chain was launched.
  3. Integrations: Injective went live on the Orion Terminal which marks the latest step in strategic collaboration.
  4. Product: The Injective Hub was released. Injective Hub will provide a unified platform for all things DeFi on Injective such as staking…

Impossible Finance is joining the Injective ecosystem to release a BSC-focused launchpad on the Injective Chain. Impossible Finance also plans to propose new BSC related derivatives for the Injective community.

Impossible Finance is currently based on the BSC network and seeks to build a multi-chain incubator, launchpad, and swap platform. In many ways, their idea is to build, support, and launch applications that allow new projects to launch with ease in a launchpad fashion.

Many Injective community members have long participated in the BSC ecosystem. The native Injective INJ token is also used across a number of DeFi protocols within…

The Injective Hub now allows users to easily toggle between light and dark modes.

Give it a try:

What feature would you like to see next?

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